Campus alerts for your safety

Timely, accurate information is a valuable safety tool. Knowing what’s happening and what to do during emergencies – like severe weather, an earthquake or a violent attack – can make all the difference in safeguarding personal safety.

The University of Utah’s Campus Alert System is designed to reach everyone on campus in the best way possible during an emergency. Most alerts are sent via email, and are color-coded according to level of importance for quick identification.

On rare occasions, when every second counts, emergency messages will be sent via text to cell phones.

Students, faculty, staff and even visitors can also be alerted of emergencies using this mobile app.

Does your cell phone get emergency texts?

Not everyone has signed up yet. Students, faculty and staff should register their cell phone numbers through the Campus Information System (CIS) to receive text message notification during serious emergencies. Opting out of receiving these messages means you might not receive critical safety information in a timely manner. Please register your phone today. For more information, check out these frequently asked questions.