General FAQ



What kind of announcements will you send, and when?

The University of Utah’s Campus Alert System is designed to reach everyone on campus in the best way possible during an emergency. Most alerts are sent via email, and are color-coded according to level of importance for quick identification. Emergencies needing campus-wide communication include: 

  • Snow closures
  • Some building closures
  • Significant traffic interruptions
  • Severe power outages
  • Gas leaks
  • Threats such as bombs or gunmen

Message timing will be appropriate to the urgency of the situation. Only on rare occasions, when every second counts, will alerts be sent via text to cell phones. Most alerts will be sent via email.

How do I make sure I can receive notifications?

As a student or employee (including part-time/contract) of the university, you are automatically signed up to receive notification through your official university email, UMail for students.

Please note that text messages are the fastest, most reliable way to contact you. You may enter more than one number. We promise to ONLY use your text numbers for emergency alerts.

Simply provide your most current contact information by logging in to CIS at and selecting the Campus Alert link. You can enter any combination of email, text messaging and phone (voice) options. The best emergency contact number is probably your mobile phone. Be sure to press the Save button when you are done.

I received a notification. How do I know if it's legitimate?

Alert email will come from "The University of Utah" followed by "" in brackets, [ ] or < > depending on your email client. Always be suspicious of email asking for your personal information. For more information about email phishing and how to avoid it, visit the Information Security Office’s Secure IT website:

Text messages will always come from 23177, and voice messages will come from 801-585-1111 or 801-585-5000.

In an emergency, information will also be posted on the university home page at

For easy recognition, you may want to add the above email addresses, SMS number and phone numbers to your contacts/address book.

In all cases, if something about the message doesn’t feel right, please act cautiously.

Can I stop the announcements if I decide I don’t want them anymore?

You can opt-out of all notifications except to your official university email address, UMail for students. To opt-out, log in to CIS at, and select the Campus Alert link. Select the “I opt-out of this text alert system” checkbox and then press Save.

Does changing my contact information for Campus Alert also change my official contact information with the U?

No. Your official contact information will not be changed by your participation in Campus Alert.

Your official records can be updated in CIS. Students, visit the Update Student Profile pagelet. Employees, select the Personal Bio/Demo Information link.

My contact information changed. How can I update it?

If your personal email or mobile phone number has changed, simply log in to CIS at and select the Campus Alert link. Be sure to press the sSave button when you have completed your changes.

If your home or work number(s) changed, you should update your information in Campus Alert as well as your official university records.

Your official records can be updated in CIS. Students, visit the Update Student Profile pagelet. Employees, select the Personal Bio/Demo Information link.

How long will I be signed up for?

You will be signed up as long as you are an active student or employee of the university. (Students may receive messages up to one semester following graduation.)

You will be reminded to review your contact information and preferences once a year.

If you feel you are receiving messages in error, please contact the Campus Help Desk at 801-581-4000.

Who will have access to my information?

The information entered into Campus Alert will only be used for notification purposes. Your information will be accessible to a small number of university employees. Our notification service vendor, Blackboard Connect, will also have access to your information and operates under tight security. 

Am I guaranteed to receive messages in an emergency?

No. Message delivery is dependent on many factors, including our local phone carrier networks. Depending on the nature and scale of the emergency, message delivery may be unavailable or delayed. Text messages can become lost or slow during busy times.