Voice Messaging



I received a message but I missed the information. What should I do?

While on a live call, you can replay a message by pressing the star key (*) at the end of the message. 

You may also check your email to locate the contents of your messages.

I received a message but it kept looping/repeating. Why?

The system does its best to detect whether it has reached a live person or an answering machine. Sometimes loud ambient noises may cause the system to loop. If this happens, use the mute feature on your phone or move to a quieter location to prevent the message from looping or repeating.

I see a caller ID display of 801-585-1111 or 801-585-5000. Who is this?

When the university sends an alert out, it will always display Caller ID information. Please save these numbers on your cell phone under Emergency Alert  801- 585-1111 and Campus Alert 801585-5000. The Emergency Alert 801-585-1111 will be used for emergencies and the most urgent notifications.